Henssen Research Group

About Us

We are a group of physicians and scientists at the Experimental and Clinical Research Center (ECRC) of the MDC and Charité Berlin is interested in deciphering the mechanisms that lead to the formation of refractory neuroblastoma and rhabdomyosarcoma tumors in children with the goal to find new therapies to improve patient outcome.

The lab studies three of the most common cancers in pediatric patients: neuroblastoma, rhabdomyosarcoma and rhabdoid tumors. These tumors can be highly lethal and very difficult to treat.

To elucidate mechanisms of genomic plasticity, we are developing functional genomics approaches using high-throughput DNA, RNA and ChIP sequencing. Our long term goal is to determine specific cancer vulnerabilities that can guide clinical trials of personalized treatments for children with refractory cancers.

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